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Andrea Quintana

Albuquerque Public Schools
Proud to be a 20+ year teacher in Albuquerque Public Schools, Andrea taught Kindergarten her entire career, recently moved into instructional coaching and teacher support. Andrea is a National Board Certified Teacher (Early Childhood Generalist) and works to support National Board candidates throughout the state. Andrea, a “tech nerd”  is a Google Certified Teacher, Apple Teacher, OSMO Ambassador, Pear Deck Coach, and Nearpod Pionear, always looking for ways to empower student engagement. In 2018, with some friends began a podcast Hallway Renegades to showcase teachers and all the amazing things they do. She was very excited to bring EdCamp to New Mexico supporting over 7000 educators to collaborate and work together to transform learning in 21st Century classrooms! Andrea also serves as NMASCD President, she is always finding ways for NM Educators to connect.