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Andrea Quintana

Albuquerque Public Schools
Pre-K | K-2 | 3-5
Zuni Elementary
Proud to be a 20+ year teacher in Albuquerque Public Schools, I taught Kindergarten her entire career, recently moved into instructional coaching and teacher support. I am a National Board Certified Teacher (Early Childhood Generalist) and works to support National Board candidates throughout the state. I am a “tech nerd”  and is a Google Certified Teacher, Apple Teacher, OSMO Ambassador, Pear Deck Coach, and Nearpod Pionear, always looking for ways to empower student engagement. In 2018, with some friends began a podcast Hallway Renegades to showcase teachers and all the amazing things they do. I was very excited to bring EdCamp to New Mexico supporting over 7000 educators to collaborate and work together to transform learning in 21st Century classrooms! I also serve as NMASCD President, and am always looking for ways for NM Educators to connect.